Mitch Gelman

CEO and President of WCNY

For the very first episode of From Suarez’s Basement, Professor Suarez introduces the channel and has an in-depth conversation with Pulitzer Prize recipient, Mitch Gelman, the CEO and President of WCNY. WCNY is a PBS member television station in Syracuse, NY. Gelman discusses how WCNY has been impacted by the pandemic, WCNY’S involvement with the local community and more. Gelman and Professor Suarez have an enlightening conversation about the current state and future of broadcasting.


Meet Our Guest
Mitch Gelman
Mitch Gelman’s career started in 1986 as a reporter for New York Newsday, where his work earned him a Pulitzer Prize. Almost 40 years later, Mitch has had a successful career, spanning companies such as THX, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and CNN. Nowadays, he is the President and CEO of WCNY, Central New York’s home for public entertainment.

Questions Asked:
How is WCNY dealing with the pandemic? (3:48)
Tell us about the classroom program that you launched. (6:05)
How is this crisis changing the media industry? (10:25)
Will the digital era get rid of job opportunities? (13:12)
What are you looking for in new candidates? (15:20)
Are you doing anything now that you have time? (18:20)
Final message to the students? (21:15)