As a professor and academic adviser who works with young professionals every day, I have witnessed how powerful and life-changing it can be to have a conversation with these up-coming professionals about their future careers. The FSB Mentoring Program is based on the idea that an interaction between a mentor and mentee can positively influence the career of both professionals (mentor and mentee). All that is needed is one hour of time per month for mentors and mentees to meet to discuss the mentees professional goals and advice. A good cup of coffee and a good conversation can make a huge difference! PLUS, the content of this website are great conversation starters for these meetings. Please consider signing up for the FSB Mentoring Program! 

If you are in your senior year or recently graduated and need some professional advice from an expert, the FSB mentoring program is for you! We will match you with an expert in your area of interest and be sure you can have the opportunity to meet. After you sign in, you will receive an email with further instructions and assistance. It is essential to clarify here that these meetings between the mentor and mentee are not intended to be used as job interviews but rather as an excellent opportunity for mentors and mentees to get to know each other and get good career advice.

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If you are a full-time working professional in the areas of Communication, Media, and the Arts and you see the value of the FSB Mentoring Program, please don’t hesitate to sign in to become a mentor. After you sign up to become a mentor, you will receive an email with further instructions and assistance. The only commitment is one hour of your time to meet in person or virtually with one student or a group of senior students or recent graduates to have a casual but important conversation. 

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What students and mentors are saying!

“The mentorship program is amazing. I learned so much from my mentor that have helped me in my education and my career!”

Student #1, Fourth year student

“I can’t believe the insight my mentor provided. I discovered aspects of the industry I never new about!”

Student #2, Third year student

“There is nothing better than working with students. Their energy, their thirst for knowledge is inspiring!”

Mentor #1, Mentor