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The Ins and Outs of Cinematography! Andrei Bowden-Schwartz (#37)


Andrei Bowden-Schwartz Film Cinematographer Professional cinematographer Andrei Bowden-Schwartz visits Suarez’s basement to cover a plethora of topics such as his gritty start in the arts and film as an intern, his definition of cinematography, and all of the factors to the successful projects he has helped produce. Bowden-Schwartz shares valuable insights and information on the film industry and how to get a foot in the door! Andrei Bowden-Schwartz is a film cinematographer from Brooklyn, NY. He is best known for his unique, one-of-a-kind camera work and storytelling in hit films such as Pose (2018), Red, White & Wasted (2019), [...]

The Ins and Outs of Cinematography! Andrei Bowden-Schwartz (#37)2023-06-26T21:29:40+00:00

The Elements of Professional and Personal Success. Gloria Estefan (#36)


Gloria Estefan  Singer & Songwriter Grammy winning singer and songwriter, Gloria Estefan, visited Suarez’s basement to chat about the powers of music and how she was able to harness her talents and become a multidimensional, successful artist and public figure. From her start in the music industry, all the way to her efforts to inspire people of all walks of life, Estefan lets it all out and spreads her valuable wisdom in this episode of From Suarez’s Basement. Gloria Estefan is an eight-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. She is best known for her legendary musical [...]

The Elements of Professional and Personal Success. Gloria Estefan (#36)2023-06-13T19:10:55+00:00

A Newer, Better Comedy! Declan Lowney (#35)


Declan Lowney  Movie and Television Director Declan Lowney is a six-time BAFTA nominee, two-time BAFTA winner, and two of his shows have won international EMMYs. The film director is best known for his work with television series Moone Boy, UK Empire Awards Best Comedy winning film, Alan Partridge, and his most recent success with Apple TV’s hit show Ted Lasso. Emmy award winning director from the hit Apple TV series Ted Lasso, Declan Lowney, visited Suarez’s basement to speak about his journey as a film enthusiast, filmmaker, and director. Lowney and Suarez cover many topics from Lowney’s introduction to [...]

A Newer, Better Comedy! Declan Lowney (#35)2023-05-30T12:53:35+00:00

The music behind the stories that YOU love! (#30)


Rupert Gregson-Williams Composer of film, television, and video game scores. An intriguing interview with composer Rupert Gregson-Williams Audio Podcast Rupert Gregson-WilliamsIn this fascinating interview with composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, we have the chance to look inside the composer's creative mind. We explore with him the intimate and irrefutable relationship that the score has with the visual storytelling process; the importance of the relationship between the composer and director to create an excellent score; the different score composing processes between a TV show and a movie; and much more! Rupert [...]

The music behind the stories that YOU love! (#30)2022-09-22T19:56:13+00:00

“Acuitzeramo”: Luis Antonio Aldana (#29)


Luis Antonio Aldana "Acuitzeramo," Film Mexican Actor, Producer & Writer HBO Max   Having the need to tell a story and see yourself represented in that story is the motivation behind this talented Mexican actor, Luis Antonio Aldana's work. I had the fantastic opportunity to talk to Luis about his acting career, his latest film "Acuitzeramo," available now on HBO Max, and much more. Don't miss this opportunity to watch this exciting and new episode of "From Suarez's Basement." Audio Podcast Luis Antonio Aldana's Having the need to tell a [...]

“Acuitzeramo”: Luis Antonio Aldana (#29)2022-09-22T19:59:04+00:00

A conversation with writer, director and producer John Hoffman


John Hoffman Only Murders in the Building Co-creator and Writer, John Hoffman Hulu Lessons Podcasts Co-Hosts: Noah Ramer and Morgan Deltzer Synopsis: In the first episode of Season 4 of From Suarez’s Basement, we talk to John Robert Hoffman, a Director, Writer, and Producer known for productions like Northern Lights, Only Murders in the Building and Looking! Viewers will be entertained as Hoffman shares his expertise across many different lines of work with them. You will learn the differences in writing for TV and film, how [...]

A conversation with writer, director and producer John Hoffman2022-07-06T15:06:24+00:00

A Conversation with Cinematographer, David Moxness


A conversation with cinematographer, David Moxness The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime Lessons Podcasts Synopsis: In this episode, we talk with Emmy nominated cinematographer, David Moxness. Moxness shares his experience with visual storytelling, how he handles creative disputes with directors, and how much of television is edited in post production. Future cinematographers and those that are interested in the entertainment industry should not miss this episode!  Questions Asked: How did you discover that you wanted to do cinematography? (2:30). Have you always been interested in visual [...]

A Conversation with Cinematographer, David Moxness2022-07-06T15:07:22+00:00

Miss Richfield 1981 Russell King (#8)


Russell King (Miss Richfield 1981)Richfield's Citizen of the Year Award Recipient Lessons Podcasts Meet Our Guest Miss Richfield This episode, the FSB team, along with former SUNY Oswego student, Sean Ryan, talk to Russ King –  the man behind the iconic Miss Richfield 1981 character. Russ King delves deep into his personal life, including how growing up in a conservative household forced him to be someone that he wasn’t, and how his teacher influenced him to be himself! Russ also gives us an inside [...]

Miss Richfield 1981 Russell King (#8)2022-09-26T04:35:51+00:00
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