A conversation with cinematographer, David Moxness

The Wheel of Time
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Synopsis: In this episode, we talk with Emmy nominated cinematographer, David Moxness. Moxness shares his experience with visual storytelling, how he handles creative disputes with directors, and how much of television is edited in post production. Future cinematographers and those that are interested in the entertainment industry should not miss this episode! 

Questions Asked: How did you discover that you wanted to do cinematography? (2:30). Have you always been interested in visual storytelling? (4:25). What is the role of a cinematographer (5:30). What is the relationship between you and the director? (7:58). How do you balance differences with the director? (10:13) What is the relationship between you and what is in front of the camera? (11:48). What is the dynamic between what is real and what is edited? (14:24). Would you ever want to be a director? (15:44). When you got the Wheel of Time script what caught your attention? (17:05). What are the opportunities for the new generation? (19:30).

Biography of Guest: David Moxness started his career in 1985 working with the electric department for The Edison Twins. In 1999 David received his first opportunity to work in television as a cinematographer for Earth: Final Conflict Kick Starting his incredible run behind the camera. Nowadays you can catch David working on set for The Wheel of Time, an epic fantasy series that is on Amazon Prime Video!

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