Russell King (Miss Richfield 1981)

Richfield’s Citizen of the Year Award Recipient


Meet Our Guest
Miss Richfield
This episode, the FSB team, along with former SUNY Oswego student, Sean Ryan, talk to Russ King –  the man behind the iconic Miss Richfield 1981 character. Russ King delves deep into his personal life, including how growing up in a conservative household forced him to be someone that he wasn’t, and how his teacher influenced him to be himself! Russ also gives us an inside look into the character, and what Miss Richfield means to him. Lastly, Russell King gives out an important message about his life experiences in the LGBTQIA+ community!

Questions asked:
What is a normal day in your life? (3:42). What do you want people from your show to walk away with? (6:24). How did your teacher help you realize who you are? (8:45). What went into the creation of your character? (0:25). How do you deal with days you don’t feel like getting into character? (4:45). What does queer representation mean? (8:22).

Biography of Guest:
Russel King is the mind behind the Miss Richfield 1981 character. He has brought Miss Richfield across the world to work in theaters and on television. You will often see Russ in full costume during the summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts.