Jennifer Knapp

Associate Dean for School of Communication, Media, and the Arts at SUNY Oswego

In this episode, we dive into a heart-to-heart conversation with SUNY Oswego’s Associate Dean for the School of Media, Communication and the Arts, Jennifer Knapp. Join us and Professor Saurez as we discuss the pandemic and what changes the SCMA department and SUNY have made to assist students during this crisis. From new grading guidelines to registration changes, this conversation will inform students on how to navigate their academic careers through the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.


Meet Our Guest
Jennifer Knapp
Jennifer Knapp is the current Associate Dean for SCMA at SUNY Oswego. Dedicated to the world of Communication, she also teaches a multitude of classes on campus here at Oswego.

Questions Asked:
How is SCMA doing? (2:03)
Any advice to students and faculty to adapt to online learning? (4:00)
How are the changes making things smoother for students? (6:30)
Do you think the pandemic will change higher education in the future? (6:38)
Final message to the students? (11:03)