Gustavo Grossman

Corporate Vice President for HBO Networks Latin America

For the third episode of From Suarez’s Basement, we talk with the Corporate Vice President of HBO Networks Latin America and Suarez’s former boss, Gustavo Grossman. Grossman opens up about the production process in HBO Latin America and gives inspiring advice to scriptwriters. Don’t miss this episode to learn what an HBO executive looks for in potential Television and Film Makers.


Meet Our Guest
Gustavo Grossman
Gustavo Grossman is a highly successful entertainment industry executive. Grossman has worked for many of the largest television conglomerates in the world, including HBO, Sony, and WarnerMedia.

Questions Asked:
How is everyone at home? (1:55)
How is HBO Latin America changing? (3:04)
How many original productions come from HBO Latin America? (5:40)
What advice do you give to scriptwriters? (7:52)
What qualifications should people studying communication have? (12:31)