Mrs. Kasha Davis

Actor, Singer, and Drag Queen Superstar

In this episode, we talk with Emmy-nominated cinematographer, David Moxness. Moxness shares his experience with visual storytelling, how he handles creative disputes with directors, and how much of television is edited in post-production. Future cinematographers and those that are interested in the entertainment industry should not miss this episode!


Meet Our Guest
Mrs. Kasha Davis
Mrs. Kasha Davis is a well-respected Drag Queen and actress known for her appearances in the 7th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. In her career post-RuPaul, she has been a successful artist, releasing musical singles, touring, and appearing on television as well as in movies.

Questions Asked:
How is the drag community doing during this crisis? (1:21)
How much are you missing performing live? (5:37)
What characteristics should a good Drag Queen have? (8:15).