Marc Lupo

Senior Editor and Producer for Us Magazine

For the fifth episode of From Suarez’s Basement, we talk to Marc Lupo, the Senior Editor and Producer for Us Magazine. Lupo opens about his experience and passion working in the entertainment industry, such as work at The Tyra Banks show, The Wendy Williams show, The Apprentice and Us magazine. Find out how the Pandemic has reshaped the entertainment industry, and how it causes people to constantly be reinventing themselves. Marc Lupo will give amazing insight on how he got his foot in the door of the industry, and how you can do the same!


Meet Our Guest
Marc Lupo
Marc Lupo is the senior editor and producer for Us Magazine, as well as an on-air personality. His experiences have led him to interview top stars, while putting his own foothold into the entertainment industry. Nowadays you can catch him as a Co-Host on the IHeartRadio show Naughty but Nice with Rob Shuter.

Questions Asked:
How different is working from home compared to your previous everyday work? (1:50)
Do you miss face-to-face interactions? (2:42)
How did you decide that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry? (4:32)
How do you prepare for big interviews, and how do you make them different from others? (9:52)
What is next for you? (10:44)Final message to students? (12:10)