Keri O’Keefe

Talent Producer for the Wendy Williams Show

In this episode, we chat with Keri O’Keefe, Talent Producer for the American day-time talk show, the Wendy Williams Show. In an enlightening conversation, O’Keef explains to the FSB team what exactly a talent producer does, her responsibilities on the show, personal experiences with big name celebrities, and how she landed her job after starting as an accountant.


Meet Our Guest
Keri O’Keefe
Keri O’Keeffe is a Talent Producer, whos career has spanned many different shows. She has experience working with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Starting as an accounting assistant she gradually moved into the world of talent during her time working for The Tonight Show. Today, you can catch her reeling in talent for the Nick Cannon Show, as well as the Wendy Williams Show.


Questions Asked:
How are things at home? (1:42)
What are your responsibilities as a talent producer? (2:08)
Do celebrities get paid for being on the show, and how do you attract people to get on the show? (4:19)
Did you always want to be involved in the booking of talent? (5:45)
What are the characteristics of a good talent producer? (8:38)
Who were you most excited to meet? (10:12)
Final message to students? (12:40)