Adam Epstein

2x Emmy Nominee, Editor, Writer and Producer for Saturday Night Live

Co-Hosts: Adam Sommer and James Kattato

For the seventh episode of the podcast, we invite two of Suarez’s former students to his podcast to talk to Adam Epstein, a writer, editor and producer for Saturday Night Live. Epstein gives great insight into the entertainment industry, including how to stand out in the media field. Pay close attention to Epstein’s and Professor Suarez’s conversation about how important putting out ideas and failing is at this current moment in time!


Meet Our Guest
Adam Epstein
Adam Epstein is a writer, editor, and producer, best known for his work on Saturday Night Live. He has had experiences writing with some of the most talented minds in the comedy industry. Most recently he was working with SNL alum Michael Che, for the That Damn Michael Che show.

Questions Asked:
How is everyone doing? (2:04)
What is the communication like with staff and talent right now? (3:18)
What advice do you have for recent graduates wanting to work in entertainment (6:37)