Ulises Mejias

Associate Professor in the Communication Studies Department of SUNY

Co-Hosts: Serenity Sutherland

For episode 9 of From Suarez’s Basement, Professor Suarez and Co-Host Professor Sutherland interview their colleague Professor Ulises Meijas about the future of data collection. This podcast is hugely important to anyone who is interested in what major companies do with our data! You will be intrigued to learn about the dangers of this data that is collected, and how you can take action.


Meet Our Guest
Ulises Mejias
Ulises Mejias is an Associate Professor right here at SUNY Oswego. His research interests include critical internet studies, network theory and science, philosophy of technology, sociology of communication, and political economy of digital media. He is also the author of several books in his field of interests.

Questions Asked:
Part 1:
What do you teach? (3:11)
Will the pandemic affect the way we communicate in the future? (4:55)
How do you teach students that technology can be harmful? (8:11)
How dangerous is the data that companies hold, and how do they use it? (12:17)
Part 2:
Is there anything we can do to take action? (1:00)
Can you give an example of data history? What is Data colonialism? (4:20)