Marquél Jeffries and Kayla Biles

Members of SUNY Oswego’s Black Student Union

This episode, we are joined by Black Student Union members Marquel Jeffries and Kayla Biles, as we delve into an informative conversation surrounding the current political climate and the Black Lives Matter movement. These amazing young minds will tell you about their personal experiences with discrimination, and what to do to support the BLM movement. Don’t miss the important messages they share in this episode!


Meet Our Guest
Marquel Jeffries and Kayla Biles
Marquel Jeffries and Kayla Biles are members of SUNY Oswego’s Black Student Union. BSU’s mission has been to disseminate information concerning Black People by educating the campus community about our culture through weekly programs and events.

Questions Asked:
Part 1:
If I could see through your eyes at this time in history, what would I see? (2:40)
What do you think we need to do to put ourselves in your shoes? (4:50)
Talk about your personal experience with discrimination. (5:40)
Did your family ever have a conversation about discrimination? (9:20)
How does the George Floyd video make you feel? (10:50)
Do you think this will cause any change? And what change do you think needs to be made? (11:45)
Part 2:
What do you want professors and the university to help change racial discrimination (2:15)
Do you still believe in the instutions that are working for us? (6:00)
Will this impact people to vote? (8:50)
What is your last message to students? (9:50)