Scott Huegelmeyer

HBO Production Services Manager

Co-Hosts: Roy Santracroce and Alexandra Farrell

In the 10th episode of the podcast Professor Suarez and two of his students, Roy Santraroce and Alexandra Farrell, talk to the Production Services Manager for HBO Scott Huegelmeyer! Scott will give you incredible information about the television industry, while also giving students advice looking for a career!


Meet Our Guest
Scott Huegelmeyer
Scott Huegelmeyer is a production services manager for HBO. His expertise in post-production landed him a job at HBO right out of college, where he has been working ever since!

Questions Asked:
What are your everyday duties, and what advice do you have for students looking for jobs? (3:50)
What was the deciding factor to lead you down the path you took? (6:50)
Has there ever been a point in your career where you didn’t want to continue? (10:07)
Was the pandemic a perfect time to release HBO Max? (14:10)