Sebastian Grey

Fashion Designer and winner of Project Runway

For the 13th episode of F.S.B, Professor Suarez hosts Sebastian Grey, a profound fashion designer who took the crown of the seventeenth season of Project Runway! Fashionista’s tuning in will adore listening to Grey discuss topics like being a fashion designer in the middle of a pandemic, how clothes stores are becoming electronic, and even what he would teach if he was a professor! Project Runway fans will be hooked into hearing about the processes and the behind-the-scenes reports of the show!


Meet Our Guest
Sebastian Grey
Sebastian Grey is a fashion designer who has dedicated his life to all things fashion. His claim to fame came with winning the 17th season of Project Runway. While working in his family’s leather business, he became interested in the industry when he was brought to a ballet show. Nowadays, Sebastian is working with high end brands, as well as working on his own fashion line.

Questions Asked:
How are you and your family doing? (2:30)
How has this crisis affected you personally? (4:35)
Do you think retail stores will be moving online (6:15)
What class would you like to teach? (7:30)
What was the process of applying to Project Runway? (8:20)
How was life after Project Runway? (12:00)