Paco Correa

CEO & President, Paco Vision Media Group

Co-Hosts: Emma Leavy and Daniel Hernandez

For this episode of From Suarez’s Basement, the professor pairs two of his best students, Emma and Daniel, with Paco Suarez- a profound name in Hispanic media. Paco talks about the processes of making content for large scale audiences, from his early days in the industry, all the way up to present day. Viewers will be sucked into his discussions about the different markets in the United States, and how he tackled every single one of them. Don’t miss out on Paco’s advice, you don’t want to let it slip through your fingers!


Meet Our Guest
Paco Correa
Paco Correa is a creative mind with an extensive background in Hispanic media. He has worked with renowned companies such as Nickelodeon and HBO. In 2007 Correa created PACOVISION, a company that is dedicated to bridging the gap between American and Hispanic audiences.

Questions Asked:
What was your first passion? (3:00) How do you make something cohesive? (6:05)
What was your thought process in moving to the US? (6:55)
What cultural values do you think Hispanic people in the US have? (8:30)
Are there different Latino markets in the US? (9:50)
What advice do you have for students? (12:00)
How do you apply your creativity in different directions? (14:30)