Pedro Damian

Vice President of Production

Have you ever pondered about who is the one pulling the strings for some of your favorite Telenovelas? Well, in this episode, Professor Suarez hosts Pedro Damian on the show. Damian is a well admired showrunner and director for Televisa. On the show, Damian talks about the pandemic’s impact on pushing media online, and how Televisa has triumphed through it! Pedro also leaps into his personal tips about staying in the moment, as well as his journey from acting to production. Do not miss this outstanding opportunity to learn from a living legend!


Meet Our Guest
Pedro Damian
Pedro Damian is a Showrunner, Director, and actor. Beginning his career as an actor in Mexican Telenovelas, he would later branch out into the world of directing and producing. His long filmography goes to show how illustrious his career in the television industry is.

Questions Asked:
How are things in Mexico City right now? (1:30)
How is Televisa doing now? (2:50)
How did you get into producing? (7:30)
Do you think Telenovelas are going to transform? (11:40)
What is your advice to students? (13:25)