Curran Bhatia

Sport broadcaster & media content creator

Co-Hosts: Connor Douglass and Bow Drake-Deese

For episode #16, Professor Suarez co-hosts the show with a pair of future sports-broadcasters to talk to Curran Bhatia, one of HBO Sports’ On-Air producers. This episode is filled with Curran’s passion for combat sports, along with a discussion about standing out in the broadcasting industry. To-be sports broadcasters, this is the guy you want to listen to!


Meet Our Guest
Curran Bhatia
Curran Bhatia is a passionate sports broadcaster immersed in the world of combat sports. His 8 years of experience at HBO awarded him four Emmy nominations as a producer. He has been an on-air talent, along with producing documentaries. Currently you may see him working ringside for Bleacher Report and NBC Sports

Questions Asked:
How is quarantine going? (2:20)
How did you get into sports broadcasting? (4:35)
How do you keep up with everything in the sports world? (6:52)
What about boxing and MMA draw you in? (8:40).
How do you deal with self-doubt? (11:06)
How do we gain attributes to show our craft? (13:45)
How do you make sure your bias doesn’t show? (15:45)
Do you think sports and politics should be separated? (17:50)
What is your message to the students? (20:05)