Steve Pemberton

BAFTA Winner
Actor, Writer, and Director

Co-Hosts: Andrew Niments and James Mentzinger

This week’s episode is quite a treat! Professor Suarez, along with two students, have the pleasure of interviewing the legendary writer/actor Steve Pemberton! Viewers will be thrown right into Pemberton’s decisive process of creating a television program. He tackles every aspect of production in this episode, as he has done it all! Steve has taken part in multiple areas of production-from writing, to acting and directing, Pemberton has a complex background in the industry! Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn from this living legend!

Audio Podcast

Meet Our Guest
Steve Pemberton
Steve Pemberton is an experienced writer and actor in the television industry. His breakout from his hit series The League Of Gentlemen, helped him become a mainstay in the industry. And his work on the series Inside No.9, which he helps write and direct, has earned him a multitude of awards.

Questions Asked:
How are you? (4:00)
How did it feel to start acting in things that you have written? (5:44)
What is your favorite part about writing? (8:50)
Do you develop characters first when writing? (10:38)
What do you want from a director when acting? (12:48)
How important is it to have your process always changing, even when filming? (16:34)
What do you start with when creating a new project? (20:58)
How do you think Paulina from League of Gentlemen helps to find jobs? (23:30)
Final message to students? (24:25)