Isaac Oliver

Lead Writer

Co-Hosts: Victoria de la Concha and John Thompson

For episode #18, Professor Suarez co-hosts with two students, having famous writer Isaac Oliver on the show. Isaac discusses his recent experiences on being the lead writer for the show High Maintenance. This episode is filled with Isaac’s successes and failures as a writer, along with discussing his works within the LGBTQIA community. Tune in for this episode, as Isaac tackles the entirety of screenwriting!

Audio Podcast

Meet Our Guest
Isaac Oliver
Isaac Oliver is a writer and comedian, who has come to prominence for his writing in the television shows GLOW and High Maintenance. He also frequently contributes to the New York Times, and in 2015 his debut collection of essays Intimacy Idiot, was named one of NPR’s best books.

Questions Asked:
What’s your process of picking life experiences to include in your writing? (6:25)
What is your experience with rejection? (8:38)
hat would you say to queer writers struggling to incorperate LGBTQIA storylines into their writing? (13:10)
How did you go from writing episodes to becoming an executive story editor for High Maintenance? (20:35)