Laura Termini

Venezualen Actress and Social Media Content Creator

Co-Hosts: Rachel McKenna and Stephen Novak

The future of social media comes in all shapes and sizes, and in this episode of F.S.B, Laura Termini displays that in full colors. Prof. Suarez, two of his students, and Laura dive right into building your social media as a brand, and how to thrive through all of the negativity. Laura also discusses the tremendous impact the pandemic has had on social media across the globe. If social media toots your horn, then this episode is a do not miss!


Meet Our Guest
Laura Termini
Laura Termini is a highly respected actor, producer, and writer. She has starred on many television networks for hispanic audiences including, Telemundo, Univision, and Azteca America. She has garnered support from American audiences for her health and beauty blog, and was even invited to the White House!

Questions Asked:
How are you? (4:00)
When social media became a bigger part of our lives what changes did you see in your career? (5:37)
What is the process of making a persona for your blogs? (8:05)
What are the challenges of having a large social media presence? (12:50)
What is it like to talk to someone that has seen your content? (14:43)
How do you not cross the line obsessing about numbers in social media? (19:37)