John Glaser

Costume Designer for Gotham and Bridgerton

Co-Hosts: Shana Weiss and Tayanna Gay

If you’ve been on social media recently, the name Bridgerton might ring a bell for you: Netflix’s latest hit series combines everything we love about Jane Austen’s spine-tingling romances with the best of our generation’s trends, including a string quartet cover of Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next. This episode, we’re joined by the show’s very own costume designer, who tells us all about how this period piece’s world came to life! From Daphne and Eloise’s dashing gowns, to even Fox’s Gotham series, tune in to learn more about the process of costume designing in the T.V. industry.

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Meet Our Guest

John Glaser

John Glaser is an important piece to any television series. As a costume designer he is in charge of creating the most accurate clothing for actors and actresses, while also trying to tell a story through their attire. His work includes Person of Interest, Gotham, and most recently, Bridgerton.

Questions Asked:

How have you been, and how has the industry been affected by the pandemic? (3:28)

What is your research process like? (4:48)

What would you say to the critics of Bridgerton’s accuracy? (7:20)

What is the relationship you establish on set with artistic directors and set designers? (10:21)

How do you keep the camera in mind when designing? (14:25)

How often are you on set? (17:20)

How did you create the costumes for Eloise? (18:40)

What is the meaning of the colors? (21:45)

Final advice to students? (24:15)