Paul Hirsch

Oscar Winner, Film Editor, Disney+

Co-Hosts: Brittney and Ryan Maquire

If you’re a big Star Wars nerd like the team here at FSB, you won’t want to miss our latest episode with Paul Hirsch – lead editor for some of Hollywood’s biggest film franchises, like Star Wars and Mission Impossible. Come geek out with us as we chat with Hirsch about his incredible career in the film industry, as he tells all about film editing, Hollywood, and your favorite movies.

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Meet Our Guest

Paul Hirsch

Paul Hirsch is a film editor who started his career working on the film Hi, Mom!, one of the first movies to feature the legendary actor Robert De Niro. His long and illustrious career spans many decades and genres of film. Paul’s work on the iconic and classic film Star Wars earned him an Academy Award. Some of the many other revered classics he has edited include Carrie, The Empire Strikes Back, Footloose, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Steel Magnolias, and Mission: Impossible.

Questions Asked:

What has been the biggest change in the industry over the past 20 years? (3:21)

What qualities do a good editor need? (8:16)

Have you ever felt emotionally involved in your editing? (14:25)

Did you understand the impact of Star Wars when editing it? (19:15)

Do you ever work with directors and actors when editing? (21:10)

What should students do to try and get into the editing industry? (23:52)