Steven Meizler

Cinematographer for The Queen’s Gambit

Co-Hosts: Jacob Dudd

For episode #24, Prof. Suarez hosts cinematographer Steven Meizler on the show. Co-hosting with his colleague Jacob Dudd, the three arouse a conversation about Meizlers’ recent experiences with filming the Queen’s Gambit. He elaborates on what it’s like to work as a cinematographer, and how he formulated his work for the Queen’s Gambit. Meizler also gives viewers the inside scoop on what it’s like to work for legends in the industry like Spielberg! If you’re someone who is trying to break into the production industry, this episode is essential for you to watch!

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Meet Our Guest

Steven Miezler

The Queen’s Gambit was one of the breakout hits of 2020. Many viewers would note how much they enjoyed the cinematography of it. The man behind that is Steven Miezler, who helped put the director’s vision into motion. His other works include The Social Network and Oceans Eleven.

Questions Asked:

How has the industry changed during the pandemic? (2:57)

What are the challenges of working as a cinematographer for streaming vs feature film making? (3:58)

What did you learn from working with Steven Spielberg and others? (12:14)

How important is it to have a diverse experience with different cameras? (14:51)

When did you realize that Queen’s Gambit was a hit? (17:07)

If you were putting together a two person light kit, what would be in it? (19:57)