Mikkel E.G Nielsen

Film Editor for Sound of Metal

Co-Hosts: Adam Sommer and James Kattato

For this week’s episode, Professor Suarez hosts academy award winning editor Mikkel E.G Nielsen on the show. Co-hosting with his student Damon Park, the three dive into Nielsen’s recent reactions to being nominated and winning best editor. Plus, Mikkel jumps right into his creative process, breaking down every step for us! If you are a post production fanatic, this episode is for you!

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Meet Our Guest

Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

Mikkel E.G. Nielsen is a film editor, who’s work on Sound of Metal earned him an Academy Award. Based in Denmark, his catalog of work includes many European films. Currently, Mikkel is working on The Banshees of Inisheer starring Barry Cohen, Colin Farrel, and Brendan Gleson.

Questions Asked:

Did your Oscar nomination surprise you? (2:02)

Have you ever gone to a director to request a change? (3:02)

How do you handle moments where you feel disconnected from the process? (6:23)

How important is color grading in editing? (10:21)

What is your opinion on streaming (12:54)

What was your favorite project? (15:00)

What qualities should a good editor have? (18:28)