Adam Godley

Actor from The Great, Breaking Bad, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Co-Hosts: Steve Mazzoccone

In the latest episode of his podcast, Professor Suarez invites prominent actor Adam Godley onto the show! Co-hosting with his colleague Steve Mazzoccone, the two dive right into Godley’s career as a prominent actor, starring in large scale works like Breaking Bad, The Great, & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Adam also dives right into how he obtained, prepared, and built the characters he played in these works. Aspiring actors look no further, this episode is for you!

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Meet Our Guest

Adam Godley

Adam Godley is an accomplished actor whose career has spanned across 6 decades. Adams’ work has earned him wins and nominations for a multitude of awards. Some of his most notable roles include Elliot Schwartz on Breaking Bad, Archbishop in The Great, and Mr. Teavee in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Questions Asked:

How has the industry changed during the pandemic? (3:14)

What pops out to you when building a character? (6:18)

Do you see differences in directors between theater and TV? (9:07)

How do you deal with rejection? (13:11)

What was the process of getting your role in The Great? (16:00)

What empowers you to dive into a role? (23:59