John Robert Hoffman

Only Murders in the Building
Co-creator and Writer,

Co-Hosts: Noah Ramer and Morgan Deltzer

In the first episode of Season 4 of From Suarez’s Basement, we talk to John Robert Hoffman, a Director, Writer, and Producer known for productions like Northern Lights, Only Murders in the Building and Looking! Viewers will be entertained as Hoffman shares his expertise across many different lines of work with them. You will learn the differences in writing for TV and film, how to balance different topics in one show, and how to get into the industry. Do not miss an amazing opportunity to learn from an expert!

Audio Podcast

Meet Our Guest

Josh Hoffman

Josh Hoffman started his career writing and co-staring in the Disney Original Film Northern Lights. Since then he has written and directed for feature films and television shows. His theatrical debut as a writer and director came in the form of Good Boy!, a box office hit that garnered over 45 million dollars worldwide in the box office. Currently, Josh Hoffman is working on his original series exclusively on Hulu, Only Murders in the Building.

Questions Asked:

How are you doing, and has the pandemic changed anything? (4:20)

How do you balance different genres in an efficient and entertaining way? (6:28)

How did the collaboration with Steve Martin come together? (8:50)

What is your advice for young talent trying to get into TV? (11:20)

What is the biggest difference between writing for TV and film? (13:46)

How was it showrunning for Only Murders in the Building vs scriptwriting for Looking? (17:18)

How do you go about fleshing out your characters? (20:50)

How do you develop crime in your show that keeps the audience engaged? (21:49)

Final Message to students? (25:56)