John Sorapure 


John Sorapure is a film cinematographer from London, England, United Kingdom. He is best known for his professional work on hit projects such as Ted Lasso (2021), The Little Mermaid (2023), and Wonka (2023).

Professional cinematographer John Sorapure visits Suarez’s basement to discuss his start in the film industry as a technology geek, all the way to working on projects that are projected to be some of the highest grossing films of 2023. Cinematography is a very complex artform, yet Sorapure doesn’t hold back to describe his unique perspective and experiences as a practicing cinematographer and how he has been able to express his creativity in the industry.

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John Sorapure
John Sorapure is a professional cinematographer from London, England, United Kingdom. Sorapure struggles with dyslexia and it has affected him throughout his life, but that has caused him to have strong interest with cameras and technology from as early as he can remember. His passion for technology and camerawork from his childhood only continued to grow as he got his well-deserved foot into the film industry. Sorapure would go on to gain a valuable spot on the production crews of hit series Ted Lasso, hit film Paddington, as well as predicted blockbuster films to be released in 2023, Wonka and The Little Mermaid.