Paul Leary 

Electronic Musician, Professor at SUNY Oswego

Paul Leary, a talented electronic musician and a professor at SUNY Oswego, is our special guest this week on FSB. Professor Suarez had the opportunity to ask Leary about what music means to him and the ways in which students can be successful in any industry they choose in the future. Later they discuss electronic music and the process he undergoes, as well as Leary’s first-ever album. Be sure to check out this latest episode!

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Meet Our Guest
Paul Leary
Paul Leary is a current professor at SUNY Oswego, and a highly regarded electronic musician. He has a PhD in composition from Duke University and has used his talents to assist pop artists including Pat Benatar, Graham Nash, and Jon Anderson. Leary has a passion for woodworking and arts and crafts which he often incorporates into his music, most recently with a 9 foot wooden pendulum and a bike wheel rig that bring kinetic motion to his electronic works through sensors. Leary just finished working on an album at the end of 2023 and his music can be found on his Spotify: Paul Leary.