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The Queen’s Gambit: Steven Meizler (#24)


Steven Meizler Cinematographer for The Queen’s Gambit Co-Hosts: Jacob Dudd For episode #24, Prof. Suarez hosts cinematographer Steven Meizler on the show. Co-hosting with his colleague Jacob Dudd, the three arouse a conversation about Meizlers’ recent experiences with filming the Queen’s Gambit. He elaborates on what it’s like to work as a cinematographer, and how he formulated his work for the Queen’s Gambit. Meizler also gives viewers the inside scoop on what it’s like to work for legends in the industry like Spielberg! If you’re someone who is trying to break into the production industry, this episode is essential for [...]

The Queen’s Gambit: Steven Meizler (#24)2022-11-25T11:38:38+00:00

Star Wars: Paul Hirsch (#23)


Paul Hirsch Oscar Winner, Film Editor, Disney+ Co-Hosts: Brittney and Ryan Maquire If you’re a big Star Wars nerd like the team here at FSB, you won’t want to miss our latest episode with Paul Hirsch - lead editor for some of Hollywood’s biggest film franchises, like Star Wars and Mission Impossible. Come geek out with us as we chat with Hirsch about his incredible career in the film industry, as he tells all about film editing, Hollywood, and your favorite movies. Lessons Audio Podcast Meet Our Guest [...]

Star Wars: Paul Hirsch (#23)2023-01-22T08:59:29+00:00

Bridgerton & Gotham: John Glaser (#22)


John Glaser Costume Designer for Gotham and Bridgerton Co-Hosts: Shana Weiss and Tayanna Gay If you’ve been on social media recently, the name Bridgerton might ring a bell for you: Netflix’s latest hit series combines everything we love about Jane Austen’s spine-tingling romances with the best of our generation’s trends, including a string quartet cover of Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next. This episode, we’re joined by the show’s very own costume designer, who tells us all about how this period piece’s world came to life! From Daphne and Eloise’s dashing gowns, to even Fox’s Gotham series, tune in to learn [...]

Bridgerton & Gotham: John Glaser (#22)2023-02-03T17:33:06+00:00

Breaking Bad & Fargo: Colin Bucksey (#21)


Colin Bucksey Emmy Award Winner, TV Director Netflix and Parmount+ Co-Hosts: Shamus Lobene and Michael Allchin In an exciting new episode of FSB, we join Professor Saurez and co-hosts Shamus Lobene and Michael Allchin for a thrilling conversation with film and television director, Colin Bucksey. With an impressive lineup of credits, including the hit AMC series Breaking Bad and FX’s Fargo. Bucksey deals us into all the industry secrets, including his time as a director on sets, the key to well-written scripts, and the truth about working in large collaborative environments like sets. Lessons Audio Podcast [...]

Breaking Bad & Fargo: Colin Bucksey (#21)2022-12-08T06:58:45+00:00

Game of Thrones: Deborah Riley (#20)


Deborah RileyEmmy Award winner, Production Designer HBO MaxCo-Hosts: Tyler Campell and Angy Perrone Have you ever wanted an inside look into the production of your favorite show? Well, Game of Thrones fans, look no further! For this episode of F.S.B, Professor Suarez hosts Deborah Riley, Game of Thrones production designer. Deborah dives into depth about her career, and the major changes she has made through it. She also gives us a sneak peek into some of the greatest challenges faced on the set of Game of Thrones. If world building is for you, then you don’t want to miss this episode! Lessons [...]

Game of Thrones: Deborah Riley (#20)2023-02-20T22:04:16+00:00

From Women to Women Podcast: Laura Termini (#19)


Laura Termini Venezualen Actress and Social Media Content Creator Co-Hosts: Rachel McKenna and Stephen Novak The future of social media comes in all shapes and sizes, and in this episode of F.S.B, Laura Termini displays that in full colors. Prof. Suarez, two of his students, and Laura dive right into building your social media as a brand, and how to thrive through all of the negativity. Laura also discusses the tremendous impact the pandemic has had on social media across the globe. If social media toots your horn, then this episode is a do not miss! Lessons Podcasts [...]

From Women to Women Podcast: Laura Termini (#19)2022-09-26T04:15:18+00:00

Hight Maintenance: Isaac Oliver (#18)


Isaac OliverLead WriterHBO MaxCo-Hosts: Victoria de la Concha and John Thompson For episode #18, Professor Suarez co-hosts with two students, having famous writer Isaac Oliver on the show. Isaac discusses his recent experiences on being the lead writer for the show High Maintenance. This episode is filled with Isaac’s successes and failures as a writer, along with discussing his works within the LGBTQIA community. Tune in for this episode, as Isaac tackles the entirety of screenwriting! Lessons Audio Podcast Meet Our GuestIsaac OliverIsaac Oliver is a writer and comedian, [...]

Hight Maintenance: Isaac Oliver (#18)2023-03-23T03:55:58+00:00

Inside No. 9: Steve Pemberton (#17)


Steve Pemberton BAFTA WinnerActor, Writer, and DirectorNetflix Co-Hosts: Andrew Niments and James Mentzinger This week's episode is quite a treat! Professor Suarez, along with two students, have the pleasure of interviewing the legendary writer/actor Steve Pemberton! Viewers will be thrown right into Pemberton’s decisive process of creating a television program. He tackles every aspect of production in this episode, as he has done it all! Steve has taken part in multiple areas of production-from writing, to acting and directing, Pemberton has a complex background in the industry! Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn from this living legend! [...]

Inside No. 9: Steve Pemberton (#17)2023-03-22T19:59:17+00:00

The Future of Sports Broadcasting: Curran Bhatia (#16)


Curran BhatiaSport broadcaster & media content creatorCo-Hosts: Connor Douglass and Bow Drake-Deese For episode #16, Professor Suarez co-hosts the show with a pair of future sports-broadcasters to talk to Curran Bhatia, one of HBO Sports’ On-Air producers. This episode is filled with Curran’s passion for combat sports, along with a discussion about standing out in the broadcasting industry. To-be sports broadcasters, this is the guy you want to listen to! Lessons Podcasts Meet Our Guest Curran Bhatia Curran Bhatia is a passionate sports broadcaster immersed in the world [...]

The Future of Sports Broadcasting: Curran Bhatia (#16)2022-09-26T04:19:23+00:00

Televisa International: Pedro Damian (#15)


Pedro DamianVice President of Production Have you ever pondered about who is the one pulling the strings for some of your favorite Telenovelas? Well, in this episode, Professor Suarez hosts Pedro Damian on the show. Damian is a well admired showrunner and director for Televisa. On the show, Damian talks about the pandemic’s impact on pushing media online, and how Televisa has triumphed through it! Pedro also leaps into his personal tips about staying in the moment, as well as his journey from acting to production. Do not miss this outstanding opportunity to learn from a living legend! Lessons Podcasts [...]

Televisa International: Pedro Damian (#15)2022-09-26T04:22:18+00:00
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