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A conversation with writer, director and producer John Hoffman


John Hoffman Only Murders in the Building Co-creator and Writer, John Hoffman Hulu Lessons Podcasts Co-Hosts: Noah Ramer and Morgan Deltzer Synopsis: In the first episode of Season 4 of From Suarez’s Basement, we talk to John Robert Hoffman, a Director, Writer, and Producer known for productions like Northern Lights, Only Murders in the Building and Looking! Viewers will be entertained as Hoffman shares his expertise across many different lines of work with them. You will learn the differences in writing for TV and film, how [...]

A conversation with writer, director and producer John Hoffman2022-07-06T15:06:24+00:00

A Conversation with Cinematographer, David Moxness


A conversation with cinematographer, David Moxness The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime Lessons Podcasts Synopsis: In this episode, we talk with Emmy nominated cinematographer, David Moxness. Moxness shares his experience with visual storytelling, how he handles creative disputes with directors, and how much of television is edited in post production. Future cinematographers and those that are interested in the entertainment industry should not miss this episode!  Questions Asked: How did you discover that you wanted to do cinematography? (2:30). Have you always been interested in visual [...]

A Conversation with Cinematographer, David Moxness2022-07-06T15:07:22+00:00
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