Lesson 1

Lesson 1

If you are a student or a faculty member who is in love, like I am learning and teaching about scriptwriting for television, this category is for you. This lesson is full of great information from these experts in scriptwriting: John Hoffman, co-creator and writer of Only Murders in the building. Steve Pemberton, Creator and Writer of Inside No9, and Isaac Oliver, Lead Writer for HBO’s High Maintenance.

Questions Asked:

  • What’s your process of picking life experiences to include in your writing?
  • What is your experience with rejection?
  • What would you say to queer writers struggling to incorporate LGBTQIA storylines into their writing?
  • How do you balance different genres in an efficient and entertaining way?
  • How did the collaboration with Steve Martin come together?
  • What is your advice for young talent trying to get into TV?
  • What is the biggest difference between writing for TV and film?
  • How was it showrunning for Only Murders in the Building vs scriptwriting for Looking?

Only Murders in the Building

Guest: John Hoffman, Co-creator and Writer
Synopsis: In this episode, we talk with Emmy nominated cinematographer, David Moxness. Moxness shares his experience with visual. . .

Inside No. 9

Guest: Steve Pemberton, BAFTA Winner – Actor, Writer, and Director
Synopsis: For episode #24, Prof. Suarez hosts cinematographer Steven Meizler on the show. Co-hosting with his colleague Jacob Dudd. . .

High Maintenance

Guest: Isaac Oliver, HBO Max
Synopsis: For episode #18, Professor Suarez co-hosts with two students, having famous writer Isaac Oliver on the show. . .

By watching or listening to these episodes, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and utilize the basic scriptwriting terms and techniques used in the television industry field.
  • Provide a method for critical evaluation of scriptwriting techniques used in the television industry.
  • Understand and identify the elementary work responsibilities of a scriptwriter for a Television show.
  • Understand and identify the aspect of the working relationship between scriptwriters and directors
  • Learn and identify some technical methodology in the scriptwriting process.

Create an Assignment

Use the information presented by the experts in these episodes to have an open discussion on: what the job of a scriptwriting is and the importance of this job for the success of a TV show. Let the students identify from these episodes something new they learned, some new information that catch their attention. Use this information to pair students who present a similar interest. After creating this groups, each group have to write a five pages research paper to present a more detail information regarding to the subject in the videos that cough their attention.